Introducing James

It was so like James. Muddy feet on the bedcovers, talking enthusiastically to the taxi-driver about rugby, snoring like a horse after a glass of wine or two and stealing all the duvet in his sleep; that was James. This was the reality of living with him, there was no romance in his soul!

Mistletoe and the Mouse.
Image by Andi Graf from Pixabay

James tries very hard and means very well. In “Mistletoe and the Mouse” he wants to do the best thing for his beautiful girlfriend Belle, but he doesn’t always know what the best thing is. He’s also cautious of upsetting the other special woman in his life – his mother.

Image by Paul Want from Pixabay

However, there is no denying the fact that James is more at home on the rugby field than he is when Belle takes him to Disneyland Paris for Christmas.

Belle hopes that the festive magic of Disneyland will weave a spell around James and help him to understand her way of thinking – or will it simply highlight the fact that they are different people with very different priorities in life?

Published by Liz Taylorson

Author of romantic novels The Little Church by the Sea and The Manor on the Moors. Currently working on several other novels all at once!

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