Introducing Mrs. Buchan

Upright, uptight, frigidly, rigidly efficient; that was Mrs. Buchan. Mistletoe and the Mouse Mrs. Buchan was my favourite character in “Mistletoe and the Mouse”. She sprang unbidden from the page, full of faults and flaws, and of all the characters in the novel, she is the one who I can picture most clearly. She isn’tContinue reading “Introducing Mrs. Buchan”

Introducing James

It was so like James. Muddy feet on the bedcovers, talking enthusiastically to the taxi-driver about rugby, snoring like a horse after a glass of wine or two and stealing all the duvet in his sleep; that was James. This was the reality of living with him, there was no romance in his soul! MistletoeContinue reading “Introducing James”

Introducing Belle

Belle‚Äôs heart was broken, numbed by all the tears until it had become almost entirely ice, and she knew that she would never be the same again. Mistletoe and the Mouse. Belle, the heroine of “Mistletoe and the Mouse”, is still grieving after the sudden and unexpected death of her mother. She can’t face theContinue reading “Introducing Belle”

Publication week

Well, it’s finally here! The first of my “… and the Mouse” novellas has arrived in print, and it’s a proud moment for me. I wrote it last year, to cheer myself up. It was never meant to be anything other than a distraction as I was struggling with the novel I was writing (sinceContinue reading “Publication week”

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